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Pinnacle - Baking Powder - 5 Kg

Perfect a variety of your signature baked goods with double acting baking powder! Primarily used as a leavening agent in dough and batter products that require rapid aeration, this double acting baking powder is ideal for producing superb quick rise breads. Neutral in taste, this baking powder does not affect the delectable flavor of your goods. This versatile leavener allows you to create consistent batches of biscuits, scones, muffins, cookies, and cakes in a quick and easy manner.

Double acting baking powder should be thoroughly mixed with dry ingredients before adding to liquid ingredients. The batter or dough should then be used quickly after mixing due to the active leavening occurring. This will improve the overall volume of the goods being baked! Recommended for use in batters up to 6% by weight of flour and in cakes up to 5% by weight of flour for best results. A kitchen essential for any baker, double acting baking powder will provide you with the optimum consistency, texture, and volume for all of your baked goods!

Where Does Bulk Mart Deliver:

We ship all across Canada. All Provinces and Territories are included. Shipping is through our carriers partners. Bulk Mart delivers in the local area of GTA Canada in its own trucks.

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All orders are being processed with in 24 hours of placing the order. This time includes only the working business days and excludes any statutory holidays and Sundays.
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To fulfill your needs for heavy loads or last minute requirements please contact us @ +1-647-308-1486, +1-647-632-3208. Ask for your quantity discount and more economic shipping options available. We at Bulk Mart will be more than happy to make your day better.

Pinnacle - Baking Powder - 5 Kg

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