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Because we are a bulk distributor for food service supplies, we make sure to advertise our lowest prices on our website, including discounts we receive from our vendors that are passed onto our customers.

If you are looking for shipping or pickup of REGULAR & CONSISTANT supplies for your restaurant, butcher shop, grocery store, hotel, motel, bakery, Long Term Care LTC, Day Care, any other business or groceries at wholesale price for your home, our sales team is here to help you.

Bulk Groceries at Wholesale Prices For Homes, Bulk Orders for Business, Non profit organization, Food bank, Community center, Sports Club, Recreation Center, School, Hospital, Temple, Mosque, Church and Donation centers.

Bulk Mart is one stop shop for all of your wholesale supplies. Want to place the order for the above mentioned categories and you live in Canada, Check our special services that we provide for your bulk orders.

Bulk Order Requirement for a Product Quote:

Please fill out the form attached if you meet one or more of the following conditions

  • The order value is more than $1500
  • The Unit Quantity is more than 50
  • The Case Quantity is more than 10
  • A Pallet Load of the product
  • Shipping Quote:

If your address comes in the Local Delivery area, Please contact our customer service specialists, they will work with you to come to a perfect saving solution of DISCOUNTED shipping. Please let us know if the Dock offloading facility is available. Or you might need a Lift gate truck.

The best and economic shipping option will be given you.

What To Do?

You should have a registered account to avail this DISCOUNT QUOTE. Click here to Open your account.
Download the Request A Quote Form.
Fill up the form by following these Guidelines
Send the completed form to

The application will be considered Qualified and Processed Only if it has all the required information. Conditions apply providing the product is available.

If you have further questions, Please check our FAQ and Help Center to see if your question has already been answered or reach out our Customer Solutions Specialist at

On occasion we will provide sales and coupon codes to receive further discounts off the original price of the item. To ensure the discount is received for sales, items should be purchased as soon as possible. Coupon codes for items on our site will have an expiration date associated with them. Coupons and discounts will only be honored on orders that are placed while the coupon/discount is valid. Discounts do not apply to already discounted products and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.


Guidelines to fill up the request a quote form:

  • Add the items in the shopping cart that you need to order
  • If you have a specific product list and you are not able to find some of the products on our website. Please send us the list on It could be a totally different thing like soap bars, tooth paste or a smaller packing of the product available. We have more variety and items available in our warehouses than on the website. Our sales team will be more than happy to help you with that.
  • Please mention if you are Brand specific or any other Brand is Fine as soon as the Type and Quality is same.
  • Provide your correct shipping address with Street number and Postal code. Our customer service specialists will work with you to come to a perfect saving solution of DISCOUNTED shipping.
  • Please let us know if the Dock offloading facility is available. Or you might need a Lift gate truck.
  • Your receiving days, hours or any time constraints
  • The receiving person should be at the address provided to receive the shipment. If someone else is going to receive the order you must mention that name on the receipt. The driver will wait for 15 minutes. A Redelivery Fee will be charged to deliver the order again. Our Customer Solutions Team will contact you for that.
  • These orders will be taken by phone or email and invoice will be sent by email so that you can process the payment.
  • The mode of payment is Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer or E-Transfer for any order in which price is quoted or discounted delivery is given. If you wish to pay by credit card. A credit card processing fee will be charged as 3% of the the Total invoice amount.
  • No Exchange or Return on Bulk or Special Requested Items. (Special requested items are on order items that we usually do not carry but we ordered to fulfill your request. They might come directly from manufacturer's warehouse)
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